We Were Awful to Monica Lewinsky But We’d Like to Think We’d Act Differently Today

you go Monica!
In a state of nation where every girl/woman is blamed for the man having sex with her. where victims of abuse are continually lauded as “sluts” and all background information about rape victims’ previous sexual history are brought up in court trials as justification for how can she have been raped when she’s a “slut” etc justifications. Dershowiz/Epstein/Saville/Heath/Brown/Alisha Owen/Franklin Scandal/Paul Bonnaci/underage sex slave boys tour the Whitehouse during Bush 1.0 (sorry forgot Reagan was in charge then?)

Monica as a victim of this way of looking at women, like it’s all their fault for any sexual abuses or relations (as sexual abuse did not occur for Monica, but abuse by media later) Monica Lewinsky is the perfect person to be standing up for fighting against this “slut” shaming, whether sexual abuse cases, or ill-fated relationships where shaming abuse occurred later!

Go Citizen Lewinsky, your interviews, your tv appearances, your magazine interviews all on “your terms”!


Ms. Lewinsky was quickly cast by the media as a “little tart,” as The Wall Street Journal put it. The New York Post nicknamed her the “Portly Pepperpot.” She was described by Maureen Dowd in The New York Times as “ditsy” and “predatory.”

And other women — self-proclaimed feminists — piled on. “My dental hygienist pointed out she had third-stage gum disease,” said Erica Jong. Betty Friedan dismissed her as “some little twerp.”

“It’s a sexual shaming that is far more directed at women than at men,” Gloria Steinem wrote me in an email, noting that in Ms. Lewinsky’s case, she was also targeted by the “ultraright wing.” “I’m grateful to [her],” Ms. Steinem said, “for having the courage to return to the public eye.”

Had the Lewinsky story unfolded today, certainly the digital reality of it would have been worse (or at least more pungent). “They would have dug…

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