New Hal Hartley Film on VOD

New Hal Hartley film Ned Rifle on Vimeo on Demand Exclusive distribution, for now.

Budget for the new feature film raised from crowdfunding  and distributed on vimeo on demand.  Looks really good from the trailer, but we do Love Hartley films.

Interesting points to production and distribution. Raising funding through kickstarter, and distributing through VOD, where the producer keeps 90% of sales and Vimeo gets 10%  don’t know anywhere else where a film maker can get a deal like this with the usual required bucket of lube when dealing with the already establish model.  Great idea, and makes the avenues open for more to do the same.

Already Tom Savini is raising funds for a remake of Nightmare City, the first Zombie film I ever saw that has running Zombies in it! scared the crap out of me changes the game completely.  all other zombie movies at the time were the slow shambling Fulci Romero kind, this changed it all, and it was another 10 years or so before 28 days did it.

anyway interesting times for artists who may want to retain control of their creations, and still make some money. Ned Rifle we will be watching it this weekend!


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