Blind Spot: My Dinner with Andre

My Dinner With Andre, good article on a brilliant film, that does come along at the right time, and is unforgettable. Time to watch it again Pistachioville Take note!

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My Dinner with Andre

Films have a funny way of entering one’s life at just the right time. Take Louis Malle’s 1981 gem, My Dinner with Andre, for example. This film’s inclusion on this year’s Blind Spot list has more to do with a pop culture reference than the critical praise heaped on the film. If I am to be honest, the main reason I was so intrigued to see Malle’s classic was because Community, a show I loved, had dedicated an entire episode in homage to the film.

Regardless of my lingering selfish desire to finally be in the know in terms of understanding all of the episode’s “in-jokes”, My Dinner with Andre turned out to be the film, almost serendipitously in fact, I needed to see at this point in my life. It arrived like lightening breaking up the thunderous noise of fear and doubt that had filled my mind.

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