Jess Franco Manacoa Experience Album playlist

We created a playlist of songs from Jess Franco’s The Mancoa Experience album, we have put the songs in the correct order as they are on the album, the songs show up with the wrong title, as the original uploader allocated the wrong titles to the wrong songs.   This has the songs in order as per the album, and the correct song titles are listed on our playlist description.  Click the link to go to the playlist page


Mari Cookie and The Killer Tarantula (1997)

Get ready to celebrate Jess Franco’s date of birth this 12th may, with this awesomeness of a film

via Mari Cookie and The Killer Tarantula (1997)

Relax Now, 20 minute short lunch break Nature relaxation video

This is the second of our relaxing nature videos, Relaxing River Flowing, filmed at the eel river in Northern California. timed for lunch break size length, get 20 minutes of relaxation here before your lunch break is over and work commences again.

Click the link below to go to the video, like and subscribe if you wish, more relaxation videos coming soon.