Soledad Miranda Birthday Tribute video

A Soledad Miranda Birthday Tribute video we did for her birthday this year.

Incorporating footage from Vampyros Lesbos & She Killed in Ecstasy, with music from the Manacoa Experience by Jess Franco & His B- Band


Billy, Biff & Scooter, short film

Digitally remastered version of our short film, originally shot in 2005,  Online for the first time.

For Adults only, for bad language and sexual references, this reservoir dogs spoof written by Martainn Russell (RIP) and directed by Giovanni Pistachio.

Yes we got the title from Woody Allens’ Manhattan, i said to Martainn it would be a great film title, and he immediately got onto writing the script.


1st Undead Zombie Hookers Teaser

Undead Zombie Hookers BlueBalls Teaser. for lead up to Planned Summer 2018 release.
Adults only!


UZH Music track in for editing

We got 10 tracks of the music in today for the soundtrack for our comedy film Undead Zombie Hookers. As we continue to edit the film we will be cutting that in. Over the coming couple of months we will be uploading a dozen or so planned videos, trailers, teasers, how we did/how to’s etc to our youtube channel to accompany the release of the film this summer.

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Deep Throat review addition

We have added to our old review of the movie deep throat after finally getting copies of Linda Lovelace’s actual autobiographies Ordeal and Out of Bondage.  Additions are about the rape abuse and lies, spread the word of the abuse.  BUT if you were looking for a titillating porn film review, this is not the post to read go somewhere else.  To us talking about the abuse is  paramount (no not the film company).

via Deep Throat (1972)

Our remastered avant garde short film Plop!

Our re mastered, avant garde trailer and short film (link to full film in video description) Mature, adults only!!!




Our avant garde short remastered. Flipwreck.

Our finally re mastered, avant garde trailer and short film (link for film in trailer video description) about the myths of masturbation. Mature, adults only!!!


Undead Zombie Hookers 6 Scenes Wrapped Yesterday

6 Scenes wrapped on our feature comedy Film “Undead Zombie Hookers” yesterday.

In a grueling 6 hour day, finished the reverses on 6 scenes of the movie! grooving along nicely


Our Competition Entry

We did not qualify for the top 25 in the Imagine Dragons Believer music video, Adobe make the cut competition, but this is our non qualifying entry:-

Congratulations to all the qualifying videos, good Luck!