New Pistachioville Jess Franco Essay type review thing

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Our remastered avant garde short film Plop!

Our re mastered, avant garde trailer and short film (link to full film in video description) Mature, adults only!!!




Our avant garde short remastered. Flipwreck.

Our finally re mastered, avant garde trailer and short film (link for film in trailer video description) about the myths of masturbation. Mature, adults only!!!


Undead Zombie Hookers 6 Scenes Wrapped Yesterday

6 Scenes wrapped on our feature comedy Film “Undead Zombie Hookers” yesterday.

In a grueling 6 hour day, finished the reverses on 6 scenes of the movie! grooving along nicely


Our Competition Entry

We did not qualify for the top 25 in the Imagine Dragons Believer music video, Adobe make the cut competition, but this is our non qualifying entry:-

Congratulations to all the qualifying videos, good Luck!

WOW! Madden’s The Forbidden Room

We just watched this last night, and in the words of myself it was fucking brilliant!

If you do not like your films, made by Hollywood, for and pandered to 14 year olds who twit on their iphone all the way through the movie, and actually want a film maker to take you on a journey, then this is a journey!
Seemingly unrelated short stories woven together or not depending on how you see it, lol. Looks like old worn out film saved from being burned up in the projector (run Toto Run, no not that Toto!).   Funny bits throughout, strange and weird surrealistic (or not) masterpiece.  For me reminiscences of Dali & Bunuel’s Un Chien Andalou, are brought to mind, mostly through the music scratching through the soundtrack, intentional or not, irrelevant.  A film journey if ever there was one.  And well you know the problem with journeys right?  For some it’s all about the destination, and not about the journey.  So on a film journey as with an actual journey, take it and you’ll like it, or you won’t. But again we and by that I mean me, thinks (i know, right?) its bloody brilliant!

Giovanni Pistachio.  5/29/2015.


Our Short film “The Ashtray” Digitally Remastered

The first of our short films to be finished in the “Digital Remastering” process.

Many of our shorts were shot on 8mm analogue tape, and captured at mpeg compressed format and smaller screen size, for editing on a PC that had 9gb of hard drive space back in 2000-2003. all are recaptured and being “digitally remastered” at full screen size and uncompressed avi captures.

Ohh to have had half of the terrabyates we have available now, 15 years ago!

de Sade , Lely

Finished reading the biography of The Marquis de Sade by Gilbert Lely, awesome read, dropping as expected many of the common misconceptions about de Sade, and adding a few new insights along the way.

2 other de Sade Bios to get started reading now, finish the Ghosts of Sodom, letters etc,  find and compare the 2 different version of Justine, do Gange and more and see if we can get them all done by end of 2016, and see what comes out of that…..

and started a volume of Hardy short stories for light reading in between.


Tanya Paoli – Model, Singer, Budding Scream Queen

Tonight Kbatz is chatting with the lovely but still scary local actress, model, and entertainer Tanya Paoli!

Growing up in Delaware and based now in Philadelphia – an area not necessarily known for its filmmaking – when did you decide you wanted to be in front of the camera? How did your first film work come about?


I always had a fascination with acting, and having my picture taken. I took drama in high school, and had lots of practice, because my father was pretty strict(haha). I learned to be quite the actress. I feel that it comes naturally for me. I always had a vivid imagination, and would play out scenarios I imagined and created as a child. In a way it also kind of started with me being a singer in an all girl punk band called the Impatients. I got over feeling nervous singing in front…

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