Free for you to use in your Videos/Films VHS VCR Glitch overlay effects.

We created some VCR-VHS glitch remote/button press result/effects for our upcoming feature film (UZH) to be released in 2020 .  Click the link below to get 5 free for you to use, royalty free  VHS/VCR Glitch/Overlay Effects.  Click the link below to download the HD VCR/VHS effects,  and subscribe for more if you want more, we have been give 6 tapes of sound effects that we are working through to upload in free sound effects packages too.

The Royalty free Effects were not created in Adobe After Effects but recorded into an up scaler and HD recorder straight from our VCR.  Overlay over your footage, and if your project is HD resize if needed for 1920 by 1080, or downsize if you need SD 720 by 480.  The footage is 1280 720, and looks fine scaled up on a 1920 by 1080 project we did that in Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Premiere Pro.   and The Blue can be Chroma keyed out to just leave the text over your video as an overlay or cut it right into your project with the blue intact.

7 New short films coming from our Friends at apartment 1014 films Nov 30th

Ok so Pistachioville on wordpress a little different than on facebook, so WARNING FILMS are to be considered for adults!  Though not pornography, the films may contain adult subject matters, and disturbing scenes, imagery or themes.  Serious discerning mature audience film viewers only!,  so  if that is you and you like film as art, then go watch some of this!—————–

Check out Dante’s excellent introduction to the 7 new films coming from Apartment 1014 Films at the end of November. This is going to be the best film release event of 2019, in our not so humble opinion, well if you’re on Pistachioville here and reading this you should be loving this too!

Go watch the intro to the 7 films, and tell me you are not waiting for these 7 new pieces of avant garde art from apartment 1014 films! WELL YOU SHOULD BE!

Go follow apartment 1014 films on vimeo (yes it’s free to create an account, like, comment and follow film makers), get ready for November 30th, marathon watch a bunch of the previous films between now and then to get yourself all geared up. Our favorites are TURKZILLA, DONUT WITCH, and CARNIVAL SUMMER (and that last one in spite of us hating carnivals and the beach!!!) Click the link below, go and follow film on vimeo.




Jess Franco Manacoa Experience Album playlist

We created a playlist of songs from Jess Franco’s The Mancoa Experience album, we have put the songs in the correct order as they are on the album, the songs show up with the wrong title, as the original uploader allocated the wrong titles to the wrong songs.   This has the songs in order as per the album, and the correct song titles are listed on our playlist description.  Click the link to go to the playlist page


Production update for Our Zombie Parody Feature UZH

We work on Dozens of Video Projects every year, this is our full time job. We are also working on our long awaited Comedy/Parody feature film UZH, which we are still editing. If we had raised all the funds we expected were needed for UZH all these other project jobs would have been turned down and we would have fully just worked on UZH. (we also stopped all volunteer video jobs quite a while ago (2015 maybe), we figured 10.000 hoursish (roughly) we have done since 2005 was enough)

As we raised only a portion of the money from our fundraiser and we were going to produce UZH anyway (not raising the planned funds was never going to stop this project) doing this while doing our full time Jobs for hire, makes everything take a little longer. We are still planning to Finish UZH by the end of this year, we are currently stuck in heavy time consuming special effects processes for the film. And we hope to get through the effects process shortly and get on with finishing up the film.

We appreciate everyone’s patience (or impatience) while we move towards a close. MANY feature films have taken longer than ours to get to finished (with low or high Budgets) but well low budget brings all its own set of problems . We are working on the edit of the film every week, we have days set aside for video for hire jobs, and days set aside for UZH work. We have been taking less for hire jobs to spend more time on finishing Undead Zombie Hookers, and once we get through the next couple of weeks of effects editing we will see where we are for our upcomming Willits, CA Noyo Premiere.

1st Undead Zombie Hookers Teaser

Undead Zombie Hookers BlueBalls Teaser. for lead up to Planned Summer 2018 release.
Adults only!


UZH Music track in for editing

We got 10 tracks of the music in today for the soundtrack for our comedy film Undead Zombie Hookers. As we continue to edit the film we will be cutting that in. Over the coming couple of months we will be uploading a dozen or so planned videos, trailers, teasers, how we did/how to’s etc to our youtube channel to accompany the release of the film this summer.

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Undead Zombie Hookers 6 Scenes Wrapped Yesterday

6 Scenes wrapped on our feature comedy Film “Undead Zombie Hookers” yesterday.

In a grueling 6 hour day, finished the reverses on 6 scenes of the movie! grooving along nicely


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Lots coming between now and the end of 2017 in prep for Undead Zombie Hookers and digital remastering of our earlier short films releases

Our Short film “The Ashtray” Digitally Remastered

The first of our short films to be finished in the “Digital Remastering” process.

Many of our shorts were shot on 8mm analogue tape, and captured at mpeg compressed format and smaller screen size, for editing on a PC that had 9gb of hard drive space back in 2000-2003. all are recaptured and being “digitally remastered” at full screen size and uncompressed avi captures.

Ohh to have had half of the terrabyates we have available now, 15 years ago!

1st “Zombie Hooker” scenes shot

This weekend, Feb 20th we shot the first zombie scenes, from our Undead Zombie Hookers film.  Still lots more to come.  We got some free in movie jokes in on the bargain that we didn’t plan, adding to the multitude of in movie jokes (easter eggs) in there already.

We are getting ready for shooting some of our scenes with the leads in march, plan it change it fix it shoot it.

Above Kevin Klay gets started on Chelsea’s make up for the film.
Still by Pistachio Films LLC.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work on the day, great zombie make up some great scenes shot, hope everyone got a sandwich!