Nico Fidenco Emanuelle Film Soundtrack Music

We created a playlist of our favorite Nico Fidenco Music from the Black Emanuelle 70’s exploitation films,  Starring Mostly Laura Gemser, and Mostly Directed by Joe D’Amato, and the first by Bitto Albertini.  Great music we love it!  click where it says youtube on bottom right of player to go view on youtube.


7 New short films coming from our Friends at apartment 1014 films Nov 30th

Ok so Pistachioville on wordpress a little different than on facebook, so WARNING FILMS are to be considered for adults!  Though not pornography, the films may contain adult subject matters, and disturbing scenes, imagery or themes.  Serious discerning mature audience film viewers only!,  so  if that is you and you like film as art, then go watch some of this!—————–

Check out Dante’s excellent introduction to the 7 new films coming from Apartment 1014 Films at the end of November. This is going to be the best film release event of 2019, in our not so humble opinion, well if you’re on Pistachioville here and reading this you should be loving this too!

Go watch the intro to the 7 films, and tell me you are not waiting for these 7 new pieces of avant garde art from apartment 1014 films! WELL YOU SHOULD BE!

Go follow apartment 1014 films on vimeo (yes it’s free to create an account, like, comment and follow film makers), get ready for November 30th, marathon watch a bunch of the previous films between now and then to get yourself all geared up. Our favorites are TURKZILLA, DONUT WITCH, and CARNIVAL SUMMER (and that last one in spite of us hating carnivals and the beach!!!) Click the link below, go and follow film on vimeo.




Jess Franco Manacoa Experience Album playlist

We created a playlist of songs from Jess Franco’s The Mancoa Experience album, we have put the songs in the correct order as they are on the album, the songs show up with the wrong title, as the original uploader allocated the wrong titles to the wrong songs.   This has the songs in order as per the album, and the correct song titles are listed on our playlist description.  Click the link to go to the playlist page


Mari Cookie and The Killer Tarantula (1997)

Get ready to celebrate Jess Franco’s date of birth this 12th may, with this awesomeness of a film

via Mari Cookie and The Killer Tarantula (1997)

Bite Me!

BITE ME! by Brett Piper, is one the best and funniest bug/monster movies EVER MADE ( and not just one of the funniest b-movies or funniest skinemax style movies, actually one of the funniest movies ever!!!!,)
Truly funny, not funny because of campiness or mistakes, actually pulled it off 100% intentional laugh riot, we had to pause the movie several times to stop laughing.
Erika Smith, dance strip scene is hilarious., Misty Mundae as Rambo is funny as hell, DEA  guy and Bug guy are hilarious.
Starring Misty Mundae, Julian Wells, Erika Smith, Caitlin Ross, Rob Monkiewicz and John Paul Fedele

goes right to the top of our list for the best factory2000/Alternativecinema movies, well out of the 40 or so we have seen so far. #biteme #mistymundae #julianwells #erikasmith #brettpiper

Beautifully moving 70’s Italian Erotic film Candido Erotico

Not really a review, just a blurb about the film.   We got a copy of the Nico Fidenco soundtrack for the Italian erotic film Candido Erotico in the mail today awesome stuff some cross over tracks with some Laura Gemser black Emanuelle films (which we are about 15 films into that Oeuvre right now, which is how we discovered this film, well there was in the film anyway seems to not be on the soundtrack cd) but good stuff all the same.
Candido Erotico/The Exhibitionist is a 70’s Italian soft core/erotic film that is surprisingly a really moving, poignant and beautiful film.  We saw it for the first time about 2 weeks ago in a euro sex comedy collection from Alternative Cinema (yes those Misty Mundae Dist/Prod guys)  It’s really interesting and moving film, a little bit over the top on the happy walks on the beach/amusement park loving couple stroll scenes, but some real emotional depth of acting in the faces of the two lead characters, and some psychological depth to the characters issues, and the ending, yup ok gonna say it was very tearful. SHUT UP! So makes all the walks on the beach scenes etc worth it.
Anyway something that i might have got subconsciously, but never picked up on in my conscious brain until someone mentioned it when i was telling them about the film, they said is sounds very much like the Italian opera Pagliacci.  We do no research before watching a film i.e. reading reviews or analysis and shite like that, we leave that until after we have seen the actual film, because toooo many times they ruin the film and we want to be engrossed in the emotion etc created by the filmmakers, not swayed by some “magnolia fan” writing shitty reviews from his parents basement.  So we read nothing about it, but now having read about that, and not being an expert on Pagliacci we do agree that looks like they took at least the clown aspect and utilized that.  Certainly in the last scene running into the last shot, it is truly beautiful.
Anyway though slow in some parts, and some might not be interested in the soft porn aspect of it, but it was very beautiful film that had us crying, and after only one drink too! Nico Fidenco, thanks again for a wonderful accompanying soundtrack.
anyway thats life in pistachioville
The soundtrack and i guess the film maybe loosely follows the soundtrack and story of Midnight Cowboy, by the looks and sounds of it, but it’s been 20 years since we saw Midnight Cowboy.  Not that this detracts from the film itself, just a thing we noticed.   The start of the them song Man of Devious means, the first words could be “everybody is talking at me”.
Ohh and “Viva Pagliacci I love you very muchy”

Best movie soundtrack song ever

By Nico Fidenco in Joe D’Amato’s Emanuelle goes east (alt titles in video description on youtube) starring Laura Gemser.

Deep Throat review addition

We have added to our old review of the movie deep throat after finally getting copies of Linda Lovelace’s actual autobiographies Ordeal and Out of Bondage.  Additions are about the rape abuse and lies, spread the word of the abuse.  BUT if you were looking for a titillating porn film review, this is not the post to read go somewhere else.  To us talking about the abuse is  paramount (no not the film company).

via Deep Throat (1972)