The Winner’s The One, Music Video

Video we assisted on for local Willits, California musician and composer Cameron MacDonald.


Mental Health: Up close and personal. September 5, 2017

Mental Health Video we did for Avenues to Wellness in Willits, CA.


Avenues to Wellness Video on Mental health, Presented by Sheriff Tom Allman, Jed Diamond PhD, and Gary Martin MA

Understanding Dementia: Strategies for Staying “Connected” by Alexis Glidewell LCSW.

Video we did on Dementia for Local Avenues to Wellness Organization
Understanding Dementia: Strategies for Staying “Connected” by Alexis Glidewell LCSW.
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Ok Shamlessley riding on the coattails of #wonderwoman  and #girlpower surge.  EVEN THOUGH we were doing it 7 years ago!  A link to a playlist of videos we worked on for mendocino county roller derby (mendo mayhem) and undead bettys antioch roller derby in 2010/2011.  At top left of the video is  the icon for the playlist.




Undead Zombie Hookers 6 Scenes Wrapped Yesterday

6 Scenes wrapped on our feature comedy Film “Undead Zombie Hookers” yesterday.

In a grueling 6 hour day, finished the reverses on 6 scenes of the movie! grooving along nicely


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Lots coming between now and the end of 2017 in prep for Undead Zombie Hookers and digital remastering of our earlier short films releases

95490 Town Hall Meeting, Immigration, March 19th 2017

95490 Town Hall Meeting, Immigration, March 19th 2017.

Town hall meeting we produced for the 95490, Willits, California Town Hall group, on Immigration.  Meeting was held in Willits, Mendocino County California.


Calling all Choir set at Emandal Chorale Concert April 2016, Willits CA.

Part of the video we did for emandal chorale in april 2016, with the guest choir Calling all Choir from San Francisco. Recorded at Little Lake Grange, Willits, Mendocino County California.


Emandal Chorale Playlist

Playlist Made by Willits Community television Inc, Willits, California.  Including Many of the Emandal Chorale Songs/Events we have worked on over the last 10 years

Dreams: Uncovering Their Meaning in Your Life by, Wolfgang Ronnefeldt, MA

Video we shot and edited, for Avernus to Wellnesss, in Willits ca, Mendocino county


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