Epic Mountains Road/Gravel Cycling, Hearst Rd Willits, CA

Video of the last ride in January 2022, on the ride that Drew crashed on (caused by potholes on canyon road) crash footage is not included in this vide o! Just epic mountain scenery, and route research ride. Ride I found out half way through that should have been saved for my Vilano Gravel bike and not My Vilano Shadow road bike! https://youtu.be/kJIFsWFVaMU

California Highway 1 Relaxing Scenic Drive Videos.

As part of our relaxation videos we have added a few California Highway 1 scenic drive videos to our relaxing scenic driving videos playlist here:- https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvXzEqP5BHoGvPi2teo9wnWGusUkKuWvo

Click link to go to the playlist and play on Youtube. 3 California highway 1 relaxing drives added to the top of the playlist, with more to come from the trip. Please excuse any reflections on the window, we had to film the drive from inside the car, after we had an issue with our roof mounted camera. video of those roof mounted camera fails is on our channel too. Take a drive with us and relax. Video 1 Westport to Fort Bragg, Video 2 Fort Bragg to Mendocino Town. Video 3, Mendocino town back to Fort Bragg.

COME AND RELAX! With our relaxing drives accompanied by classical music, and feel free to turn the music off and play your own in the background if you wish, though our plan was to make these videos relaxing we know not everyone will enjoy the music.

Spring Garden Flowers

Too early for spring garden flowers right now even in 60f northern California, but this is spring garden flowers after planting in our yard from a few years back from our archive. Shot on our old Mini Dv camera, handheld before we upgraded to our HD camera. Click link to open video on our youtube channel.. https://youtu.be/MXJF_C1khuM

Polaroid Cube camera highest bit rate setting

We quite often shoot video on our Polaroid Cube action camera.. This is some test footage after being able to get the camera settings to record at a higher bit rate setting (info in video description). The video also compares the wide angle lenses of our polaroid cube camera ad our SJCAM 4000 action camera, and you can use this to look at quality differances too with the settings at a comparable level.
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A Cheery uplifting song for your Quarantine Blues

Here’s another great one from our Friend Cotton Dandee,  a great song, and performance from Marjo Wilson , that happens to also be one of her kid teaching songs.  click link to view on her channel


Break The Chain 1 Billion Rise, flash mob, Willits, CA

break the chain one billion rise flash mob, in willits, ca  click the link to view the video,   SHARE IT OUT AND COMMENT, BREAK THE CYCLE OF SEXUAL ASSAULT AND ABUSE,    BREAK THE CHAIN!    https://youtu.be/ARzGCFs2eWU