Guts of a Virgin (1988)
(aka Entrails of a Virgin aka Shojo No Harawata)

Director: Kazuo Komizu (Gaira)
Saeko Kizuki, Naomi Nakamura,
Nayako Kiboshi.


The basic thrust (and there is plenty of thrusting) of the movie is this: we see a group of models and photographers on a photo shoot.   This is inter cut with soft core sex scenes, the way I see it, these are sex fantasies of the all male photographers who are obviously getting turned on by their models and their poses (definitely nice work if you can get it).   When the job is done, it’s time to head home, but they get lost in a fog that appears.  Meanwhile a strange figure emerges from the earth and watches them.  Our protagonists find a building which, anyone with half a brain would give a wide berth, they decide to stay in for the night.   Big mistake!  The aforementioned strange figure from the earth turns up and proceeds to kill all the guys and rape and kill all the women bar one who he impregnates.  The final shot shows her contemplating what her offspring will turn out like.

With a title like Guts of a Virgin you really can’t expect anything less than lashings and lashings of sex and violence thrust into your face at regular intervals. Looking like an Evil Dead (1982) rip off colliding with a soft-core porno film, this should be 70 odd minutes of wet dream material for gore hounds and cinematic sex maniacs alike.   However this film finally proves that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  This movie has not observed the maxim of exploitation movies.  What is this crime that has been committed?   What unwritten rule has been violated?   That law is Never Bore The Audience!  Yes, somewhat surprising, the incessant intercourse and graphic gore lead to stiffening that the makers probably didn’t intend.  I’m not going to catalogue all the carnage and carnality that creeps off the screen, coz that would make for a boring review.   Needless to say, being Japanese, you have the bizarre sight of blurred out genitalia but scenes of a woman flicking her bean furiously with a dismembered arm or another woman being forced to piss her pants, in close up, no less.  Definitely a film for the jaded gore lovers looking for a new splatter-fix and for cinephiles looking for something more extreme.

This movie is part of a trilogy of movies made around the same time (1986-87) by the same director who signs his films Gaira but is actually known as Kazuo Komizu.  The other two in the series are Guts of A Beauty (aka Entrails of a Beautiful Woman aka Bijo No Harawata 1986) and Female Inquisitor (aka Goumon Kifujin 198?).   There are known as splatter-eros movies, which seem to sum up perfectly the content of them.

The DVD version that I got is from Japan Shock, but look out for a different plot synopsis and film stills on the box.  They are for Guts of a Beauty (1986) not for Guts of a Virgin.  Not much in the way of extras but it has some good trailers for films of a similar nature.   Take a look at the one for Evil Dead Trap (1988).  It’s a cracker.
Review By Martainn Russell.
© Owned Martainn Russell  02/03/2004 19:39



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