Kevin & Perry Go Large (2000)

Director: Ed Bye
Cast: Harry Enfield, Kathy Burke,
Tabitha Wady, Laura Fraser, Louisa Rix.

Suburban teenagers, Kevin (Harry Enfield) and Perry (Kathy Burke) are desperate to lose their virginity’s.  After a night at a party where Kevin and Perry crash, Kevin by accident gets to spend a night in bed with Sharon (Amelia Curtis), during which Sharon is totally oblivious to Kevin’s obvious attraction to her.  The next day Kevin tells Perry that he and Sharon had sex.  Sharon finds out about this and later, in the middle of the mall, where Kevin and Perry are trying to make some money playing their music, Sharon embarrasses Kevin almost beyond all redemption, in  front of dozens of mall brats.

Still on a search to find money to finance their dream holiday to Ibiza, Kevin gets hold of his dad’s credit card, and tries to procure funds for their holiday from the bank.  The bank is almost robbed, and Kevin inadvertently saves the day while he has his mind on a couple of other things.  For their heroism Kevin and Perry are given a large reward.

So Ibiza here they come, but unfortunately for Kevin, his mother and father tell him that they are coming along.  After a lucky meeting with their idol DJ Eyeball Paul (Rhys Ifans) the two manage to lag onto him and get into the local hot spot.  Later using their association with Eyeball Paul to impress the two girls that they fell in love with at the airport.  And after a massive effusion of bodily fluids, the boys manage to get together with the girls.  Get to play their mix in the nightclub, become famous and leave in Ibiza what they went there to lose.

Kevin and Perry go large is an excellent portrayal of the life of teenage boys, and what is uppermost in their minds, SEX.  What’s more it is disgustingly hilarious.  Not funny of course for the characters, or for the teenagers currently going through this trauma.  But from the distance of adulthood, it is all very amusing.

Of course so many of the jokes are sex or embarrassment related.  And the seemingly constant erections of our two heroes would be offensive, if only every male in the audience did not know deep down that that is exactly what it is like!  How many times at school could you not work problems out on the board when you teacher asked you, because of a slight, ok sorry, large problem in your trousers?

The stumbling, embarrassment and acting cool when trying to attract the attention of the girls of their dreams is hilarious and typical too.  The girls are just as shy and uncomfortable with themselves and with others, as are the boys.  As the lengthy and messy preparations for their night out shows.  But as expected the girls are attractive, ducklings waiting to become swans, and Kevin and Perry are totally besotted with them.

The first refusal of the girl’s entry to the club by the doorman is reasonably widespread, using what little power they have in a petty way.  Refusing entry to girls they think unattractive and giving easy entry to girls they deem attractive.  A lot of them with an ulterior motive of taking care of their trouser problems other than doing their jobs.  How offensive would this film be if Kevin and Perry were fully-grown men and acting this way?  But at least Kevin and Perry are straightforward and honest about what they want.  Though they are incapable of expressing this verbally, their erections do it for them.  Pity maybe that one day they will learn to lie about what they want and disguise their motives like the vile doorman!

All in all an amusing outing for our two stand up guys (ahuh yeah read it again that is what I’m talking about, again!), and fans of these characters from Harry Enfield’s TV show should be pleased that Kevin and Perry get what they want, and in such a hilarious way.  Also showing that for any self-loathing, disheartened teen, there is redemption for everyone.  Kevin and Perry think themselves beyond redemption, as do Gemma (Tabitha Wady) and Candice (Laura Fraser).  But no one, as our fantasticky four discover, is totally beyond redemption.

Kathy Burke is outstanding as Perry, and totally hilarious in the scenes where she is showing interest in Kevin’s mother.  I think that if I had not previously known Kathy Burke was female, I would never have guessed that a man did not play Perry.  She totally embodies male teenage angst and frustration.  She is obviously one of the most talented and versatile British actress’s of our time.

I suppose the Ibiza scenes and the music would be good for anybody who likes that scene or that music.  Though the music though does go perfectly with the film and the characters.

Review by Giovanni Pistachio, Giovanni can be contacted at: –

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