Naked Blood (1995)
(aka Splatter/Megyaku)
Director:Hisayasu Satô
Cast: Misa Aika, Sadao Abe.
Fucked up 17 year old scientist kid has developed a new painkiller that somehow manages to turn pain into pleasure.  However he needs some human guinea pigs to try it out on.  His mum is a doctor working on a new contraceptive for women.  She has three young women who have signed up to give it a go.  Our young scientist goofball mixes his wonder drug in with mummy’s and then awaits the results by video taping the trio of test subjects.  What our crazy kid doesn’t know is that all the women have an eccentricity; one loves to eat, one is obsessed with looking beautiful and the last one hasn’t been able to sleep since she started her period (the shock of it apparently).  These little quirks have an adverse reaction to the painkiller and leads to a bloody blood bath of … erm, blood.
Yeah its called Naked Blood and you would expect this short (76 minutes for fuck sake) Japanese movie to be wall to mother fuckin’ wall tits and ass smothered in the red stuff.  Well you can forget it; coz it takes half an hour before this puppy gets out of first gear.  You do the math.  After the half-hour mark it does nearly redeem itself.  Anyone who follows Japanese exploitation cinema will know that it is real afraid of showing pubes, pricks and pussy so what we get is good old fashioned fun and games involving self mutilation, auto cannibalism and virtual reality sex that ends in gushing fluids of the wrong kind.  From this you probably think that I don’t like this film, but the gore hound in me thinks this is a pretty stunning piece of work.  The scene where one of the women snacks on her snatch, nibbles on one of her nipples and for dessert enjoys an eyeball is so out of left field as to be positively surreal.  But it has to be noted that this ain’t a real entertaining flick and you have to have the patience of a saint to get through it.  Either that or be a real sick fuck.  Unfortunately I know which team I side with.
The film takes itself way too serious.  This is a big mistake when making a gore film.  It just comes off reeking of pretension.  It’s not art (in the snobby elitist sense I mean), it’s a splatter movie.  Live with it guys and have some fun with what you are doing.  If a comparison could be made, then a very thin one could be made with Mr David Cronenberg.  The medical horror that he covered early in his career, together with bad science and a visceral feel that takes a while to shake off permeate throughout Naked Blood.  However, Cronenbergs stuff is a helluva lot more fun. Amazingly enough this is considered a step towards mainstream acceptance for its director Toshiyasu Sato. Hell, Naked Blood and mainstream were never meant to be in the same sentence together (except that one!).   Previous to this he had made his name making ‘pink’ movies (one of which, The Bedroom, was shown on Channel 4), basically Japanese porno movies.  Naked Blood is adapted from one of those earlier efforts, something charmingly entitled Genuine Rape (don’t expect that on Channel 4!).
In summary, graphic to the extreme and must see for splatter fans. For anyone else though I think a wide berth is not exactly called for, more shouted through a megaphone.
Review By Martainn Russell.
© Owned Martainn Russell   31/12/2004 19:18.



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