Plastic Little (1994)
Director: Kinji Yoshimoto

Japanese animation, don’t you love it, if you ain’t a follower, then you probably haven’t heard of this one? Plastic Little (“she ain’t plastic and she ain’t little”) is 48 minutes on inoffensive, light-hearted action packed anime with pseudo lesbian overtones and enough bare breasts to satisfy Russ Meyer. Yup you read it right. Boobs, hooters, jugs, baps, call ’em what you will, this little beauty has them on show at every opportunity (they ain’t little and they ain’t plastic was surely the original tag line). What’s it about I hear you mutter, as if you care! Well, it’s about breasts. Only kidding. Well it’s a humdrum story of our Tita (yup that’s what she’s called) who is the captain of a vessel that hunts for exotic animals for private collectors. She runs into another girl called Elise who is on the run from government soldiers after her scientist father was killed by some mad, mental commander who wants to use the dead fathers research for nefarious world dominating powers. Only he lacks a code to get it all to work. Guess what, the daughter holds the key. Tita decides to help and this results in typical anime style annihilation of buildings and cities and stuff. That’s it, plus lots of shots of young girls knockers. Did I mention that before? Sorry. Anyway this is a slight entry in the anime canon, but it’s gorgeous to look at and is worth getting. Did I mention it was full of… Oh I did, did I? Sorry!

Review By Martainn Russell.
© Owned Martainn Russell 19/04/02 18:40:06



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