Scream 3 (1999)
Director: Wes Craven
Cast: Courtney Cox-Arquette, Neve Campbell,
David Arquette, Parker Posey

Right, errm, plot!   I am sure there is one somewhere, hold on give me a second!  Ok, got it!  There is a killer/killers on the loose, and they are out for Sidney and the rest of the survivors from the first two films.  So ok this person/persons obviously never saw “Stab” or they would know that they are not going to be living at the end of the film.

In the city there is a couple of murders, and the survivors are brought together again as suspects and maverick detectives, to try  find out what is going on since they are all at risk, as usual.  So Sidney whom is hidden away in the hills somewhere, starts to get funny phone calls, what a surprise.  And she is brought together with Dewey and Gale, to puzzle it out and make it to the end without getting, well, stabbed.  And that’s sort of about it really.

We have the usual shocks of people jumping in and out of frame from very predictable angles.  And a plot that we have seen at least twice before.  Ok, so the first one was interesting because the characters knowing about horror films and how they work was sort of new.  But we all know how it works now.  And now it isn’t new, or inventive, it is just repeated anorexic plots for the sake of making more money.

Fine so Hollywood has almost always been about the money first and the “Art” last.  But in a couple of years time if we are fed more and more of the same thinly plotted politically correct horror stories.  We will be watching nothing but films regurgitating the same rubbish on us year in and year out.  Yeah and so people were complaining previous to this about misogyny in horror films and to see Sidney fight the killers was fine.  But again this is just politically correct.  Camille Keaton did this 20 years earlier in “I Spit On Your Grave (aka Day Of The Woman, 1980)” where she successfully dispatched all her attackers without the help of one single male! Ok so she spent most of the film running around naked.  But it was a film about rape and can you realistically portray a rape scene without nudity?   At least “I Spit on Your Grave” performed a function other than just to make money.  It lets you feel the revulsion, feel the invasion, feel the anger Camille Keaton’s character feels, you feel the overwhelming desire for revenge, so surely this is a better film than something that is just made for making money?  And where you feel little or no sympathy for the characters?  But don’t worry folks they will not be showing “I Spit on Your Grave” at your local multiplex.

But if you like your horror sanitized and politically correct this is definitely the way to go!  No nudity, male or female to offend anybody.  No extreme amounts of misogyny as the killers are sometimes male sometimes female, and the victims are never just female.

We have the usual run of very small cameos, but this is only mildly amusing, and does not make for a good film.  The fun part is going to a horror film screening, sitting through the film laughing at the cameo’s and then being approached by some “cinema fashion victim” and being asked why you are inappropriately laughing at bits of the film, and when said fashion victim (not a horror fan but a what is hip fan) knows none of the people appearing in cameos, this sense of elitism while being questioned by a person believing themselves to be the elite (thank you local university for filling their heads with the newest thing in cinema, without the history) was the funnest part of the whole thing.  Know/Learn you’re cinema history or bugger off.   Welcome to cinema snobbery.

Scream 3, Post-post-modern horror cinema scary stuff? yup for ten year old’s maybe!

Review by Giovanni Pistachio, Giovanni can be contacted at: –

© Owned Giovanni Pistachio.




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