So browsing over some of our old favourite Bollywood films, while waiting for our editing programs to finish some rendering so we can continue work, and we keep coming to the same conclusion.  Yup most of the stuff on you tube is illegal uploads, and trying to find good channels with trailers etc is not as hard as it used to be we guess some of the dist/prod companies decided to have their own channels and charge since people were illegally uploading stuff anyway.

So whats the conclusion we come to you ask?

Well same as before.  Lots of films that we personally watch can be ruined by “clips”  for example Pasonlin’s Salo:120 days of Sodom when we first saw this 18 years or so ago, the film was available on DVD from Criterion, it had to be purchased and imported, and we had to sit through the whole film, bearing in mind we had already read the novel, so we’re not going to be too shocked!  Our point is all the clips that are uploaded by fans are creating the opportunity to take this film (and all films) out of context by  skipping to the naughty bits.  Where as a masterpiece like this has to be seen it’s entirety and suffered through for those that want to acknowledge the suffering and expand their parameters of their own minds, to either what goes/went on or what the world is capable of etc.

Skipping to the naughty parts option, now that clips are so easily available creates no expansion of consciousness, understanding of works, and worlds/peoples at large.  Skipping to the naughty parts also  deprives the viewer of the full pleasure or pain of any film in essence stunting personal growth for the sake of quickness.  So we still hate youtubing it, for things unless we are looking for trailers or behind the scenes docs etc for film stuff, and know that most of the fans uploading clips their favourite films is illegal and it’s time to see some copyright infringements pursued.  By the way it is infringement if you do not have  permission, putting “no copyright intended/no infringement intended” in the description does not save you from your possible 5 years in jail  and $250,000 fine per infringement.

So we look out for reputable companies that are uploading their products for viewing and sale, and try to go with them.

Having to search for months for a DVD/VHS of a film and have it imported because your country’s (UK in this example) Draconian censorship system has it banned, is less and less of an obstacle, and makes films more available, but should they be in clips for free?   And should they be in clips of either only favourite/naughty clips uploaded, and not the whole film in context so you can watch 12 clips in the right order?  Or just skip to the naughty part/favourite part and not expand your knowledge/consciousness (depending on the film) and stunt on your own mental growth.

In saying that we do love lots of Bollywood films and one of our favourites is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – Starring:- Shahrukh Khan, Kajol &Rani Mukerji, and we love the title song of the film, and were happy to see a video of the song.  But now we want to go watch the whole film again since it has been so long since we have seen it, and the watching of this video prompted that.  But who is going to watch the video and judge the film as ??? such and such, and not watch the whole film, which is brilliant for so many reasons, and too many to list here, since
A, it has been so long since we saw it and
B, memory being what it is,
you’re not going to watch the film if from the video if you judge it as ??? well we don’t care if you choose no personal growth, well we kind of do, but we are not going to waste energy on trying to convince people! 

We like what we like, for the reasons we do, usually multitude, and suggest to friends and they watch or don’t some times they piss us off with their choice, (not mentioning any names) other times,  it is what we have come to expect.

Don’t skip to the naughty parts, watch entire film everyone’s film journey is their own journey, people take recommendations from friends or they don’t.  Never judge from a single out of context clip, find a film watch the film, then pick your favourite bits.  What is your hurry?   Choose quality over quantity.  Go and watch a 3 hour Bollywood film!  Or don’t what do we care!

Part of the troubles of being a Gemini,  c’est la vie.
Giovanni Pistachio. 11/28/2015




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