The Evil Dead (1981)
Director:  Sam Raimi
Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Richard DeManinco

The Evil Dead, the bane of the BBFC way back in the early 80’s, is now released on DVD in a full-uncut version, my how things have changed. So throw away your well-worn VHS tape and luxuriate in the pristine perfection of this divine disc.

Every self respecting horror film fan and self confessing gore freak should know the story of this one: a quintet of young guys and gals go to a secluded cabin for a weekend of fun and games and end up, no not getting sliced and diced by some mad, masked maniac with a machete and a real problem with social interaction, but possessed by demons who are heavily into the three D’s, you know, dismemberment, disembowelment and decapitation. That’s about it really.

Even after all these years, of sequels, rip-offs and retreads, this has still retained its power to scare you half to death. The special effects may appear a bit ropy, but they still work in a cheesy kinda way. The most impressive aspect is still the energetic camera work. Director Sam Raimi has it sweeping and swooping and swirling all over the place.. The acting is no great shakes except from the vastly under rated Bruce Campbell.

But you don’t watch this movie for its acting talent (or lack of), but for the scares and there are plenty and it moves so fast that by the end of it you feel knackered.

A timeless classic that should be in all fear film fans collection.

The Extras
Aspect Ratio: 16 x 9/1.85:1, Audio: Dolby 5.1 surround, Digital Surround
6.1 DTS-ES, US Trailer, Audio Commentary 1 with Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert,
Audio Commentary 2 with Bruce Campbell.  Not really a lot going on in the extras department but the commentaries are a lot of fun.

Review By Martainn Russell.
© Owned Martainn Russell




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