The Exorcist (1973)
Version you’ve never seen
Director William Freidkin
Linda Blair, Max von Sydow, Ellen Burstyn.

You’ve Never Seen Before huh? Stretching it a bit, but lets go along with it for the duration shall we?

Approx. 127 minutes later.

Well, the extra scenes have been seen before but never fully integrated into the actual film.  Director William Friedkin had said that the footage would never be put into the finished article. But here it is. Strange man, whatever possessed him to change his mind?  Anyway, the extra footage doesn’t add anything to the film, nor does it detract. It appears to be entirely superfluous. The now famous “spider walk” sequence has been talked about and discussed to the point that many people think that it has always been in the movie.

The ending is a tad more upbeat now as well. Other than that, it’s the same film that we know and love and until recently could only see at the cinema or watch on a very worn VHS tape.  Now it’s available on a DVD in gorgeous colour and sound and is just as effective on your TV screen as it is on the big screen.

If you don’t have this any format or version then it is worth getting, if on the other hand you got the anniversary version, don’t bother with this one.  It’s as simple as that.

THE EXTRAS Disappointing is the word that sums the extras on offer here. A couple of trailers, 4 TV spots, a couple of radio ads, cast and crew, a list of awards the film won and a commentary by the director William Friedkin. The radio ads are a bizarre inclusion but are quite creepy. The trailers are perfunctory, as are the TV spots. The commentary is rather dry and sometimes descends into a history lecture.  Also at no time does he explain his 360-degree decision making on the deleted scenes.  Then you think about his recent output i.e. most of it sucks, and you realise that he’s just milking his better known work for a little more money (and to remind people that once upon a time he could make good movies).  Cynical? Me? Never!

Review By Martainn Russell.
© Owned Martainn Russell

email:-  giovannip@pistachio-films.com


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