Kodak Zx1 Pocket video Camera, Cheap YouTube Camera.

A low light test on our Kodak Zx1 pocket video camera HD, another suitable cheap YouTube Camera for beginners, Cheap used all over ebay. and get filming for your YouTube channel for Under $100. for those that might not have or have the funds for a $1000 smart phone. The Kodak Zx1 has a rubberized body and this eventually wears down creating a sticky surface, but covering the front of the camera in some gaffer tape makes the camera good as new and avoids the stickyness, which i guess is why a lot of people sell this camera off cheap. But an easy fix with a couple dollars purchase on some gaffer tape, our two Kodak Zx1’s have had this tape on them for 6 months or more, it stays on and the cameras are totally useable, just trim out around the lens and microphone as in our featured image.

this is a low light test, we have also tested, just general filming, and our lenses, wide angel, and fish eye that are available for this camera. Click the link to view the video on our channel. https://youtu.be/uu7saOrIvl8

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Starting Youtube Channels using cheap cameras.

Starting YouTube in 2021 with cheap cameras./Cheap vlogging camera. We have had one of these old DXG-5B6V HD cameras for a while. These Cameras would work as a good YouTube video camera, vlogging camera type camera for those with limited resources, there are many of them available on ebay for cheap, and with learning a little about the camera, which we show some of here, you could use for a beginners YouTube channel. Starting YouTube in 2021 with cheap cameras. Tips in the video, White Balance, EV Exposure Compensation, Digital Zoom, Lighting, and well not really but stabilization would be recommended, though we handheld this video. We did not edit this video in one of the two main free editing programs (and easy on system resource requirements #notdavinciresolve), IMovie for mac, and Windows Movie Maker for Windows systems. but could have done, So for a cheap initial price from about $20 to $60, you could start your YouTube channel without the thousand dollar cameras many youtubers are talking about. With just a couple of adjustments to your camera, and adding to cheap house lighting, you can get started.. Yes many people use smart phones, but what about those that can’t afford a $1000 phone, this could get you started. If you don’t like this one check out the other videos on our channel shooting video using second hand Kodak ZX1 cameras, SJCAM 4000 Camera and Polaroid Cube Cameras, all cameras under $100 price. #startingyoutube #startyoutube2021 #newyoutuber #beginneryoutuber #youtube #youtuber #newyoutuber #cheapcamera #cheapvideocamera #vloggincamera #cheapvloggingcamera Click the link to view the video on our Youtube. https://youtu.be/mkX8r47wruo

Spring Garden Flowers

Too early for spring garden flowers right now even in 60f northern California, but this is spring garden flowers after planting in our yard from a few years back from our archive. Shot on our old Mini Dv camera, handheld before we upgraded to our HD camera. Click link to open video on our youtube channel.. https://youtu.be/MXJF_C1khuM

Polaroid Cube camera highest bit rate setting

We quite often shoot video on our Polaroid Cube action camera.. This is some test footage after being able to get the camera settings to record at a higher bit rate setting (info in video description). The video also compares the wide angle lenses of our polaroid cube camera ad our SJCAM 4000 action camera, and you can use this to look at quality differances too with the settings at a comparable level.
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Polaroid Cube Camera bit rate settings 8mbps test.

This video is our polaroid cube camera with it’s default bit rate set to 8mpbs, we recently were able to update this bit rate setting to the max of 13mbps, a video of that coming soon. meanwhile here is the 8mbps test video. https://youtu.be/-siYozlNLBA

Free for you to use in your Videos/Films VHS VCR Glitch overlay effects.

We created some VCR-VHS glitch remote/button press result/effects for our upcoming feature film (UZH) to be released in 2020 .  Click the link below to get 5 free for you to use, royalty free  VHS/VCR Glitch/Overlay Effects.  Click the link below to download the HD VCR/VHS effects,  and subscribe for more if you want more, we have been give 6 tapes of sound effects that we are working through to upload in free sound effects packages too.  https://youtu.be/VeHj9erAvSk

The Royalty free Effects were not created in Adobe After Effects but recorded into an up scaler and HD recorder straight from our VCR.  Overlay over your footage, and if your project is HD resize if needed for 1920 by 1080, or downsize if you need SD 720 by 480.  The footage is 1280 720, and looks fine scaled up on a 1920 by 1080 project we did that in Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Premiere Pro.   and The Blue can be Chroma keyed out to just leave the text over your video as an overlay or cut it right into your project with the blue intact.