Billy, Biff & Scooter, short film

Digitally remastered version of our short film, originally shot in 2005,  Online for the first time.

For Adults only, for bad language and sexual references, this reservoir dogs spoof written by Martainn Russell (RIP) and directed by Giovanni Pistachio.

Yes we got the title from Woody Allens’ Manhattan, i said to Martainn it would be a great film title, and he immediately got onto writing the script.



The Ashtray, short film

Digitally remastered 2010 and re -edited version of our 2003 short film shot in Edinburgh Scotland,

“The Ashtray”

After Decades of Zombie Films Brain Matter Gushing research

After Decades of Zombie Films Brain Matter Gushing research we will be producing our first Zombie feature film “Undead Zombie Hookers”

Essential research, Lucio Fulci Zombie flicks:-