Production update for Our Zombie Parody Feature UZH

We work on Dozens of Video Projects every year, this is our full time job. We are also working on our long awaited Comedy/Parody feature film UZH, which we are still editing. If we had raised all the funds we expected were needed for UZH all these other project jobs would have been turned down and we would have fully just worked on UZH. (we also stopped all volunteer video jobs quite a while ago (2015 maybe), we figured 10.000 hoursish (roughly) we have done since 2005 was enough)

As we raised only a portion of the money from our fundraiser and we were going to produce UZH anyway (not raising the planned funds was never going to stop this project) doing this while doing our full time Jobs for hire, makes everything take a little longer. We are still planning to Finish UZH by the end of this year, we are currently stuck in heavy time consuming special effects processes for the film. And we hope to get through the effects process shortly and get on with finishing up the film.

We appreciate everyone’s patience (or impatience) while we move towards a close. MANY feature films have taken longer than ours to get to finished (with low or high Budgets) but well low budget brings all its own set of problems . We are working on the edit of the film every week, we have days set aside for video for hire jobs, and days set aside for UZH work. We have been taking less for hire jobs to spend more time on finishing Undead Zombie Hookers, and once we get through the next couple of weeks of effects editing we will see where we are for our upcomming Willits, CA Noyo Premiere.