Archive Upload, Mendo County Roller Derby v The Undead Bettys. Girl power

Another of our archive video productions that was previously only shown on Willits Community Television, and not uploaded.

This is the full event Womens flat track roller derby bout between Mendo Mayhem and The Undead Bettys.
Points of the video are indexed in the video description on youtube for ease of access to sections.  The Intro to Mendo Mayhem, Intro to Undead Bettys, are already online as shorter videos, so click the index numbers in the description to jump to the bout start if you wish.  #Girlpower



Video edited originally on Roxio Creator Pro Videowave 10.  And Master finalized ion Adobe Premiere Elements 10.  Filmed on Sony VX2000 Mini DV camera’s in 2010.


Ok Shamlessley riding on the coattails of #wonderwoman  and #girlpower surge.  EVEN THOUGH we were doing it 7 years ago!  A link to a playlist of videos we worked on for mendocino county roller derby (mendo mayhem) and undead bettys antioch roller derby in 2010/2011.  At top left of the video is  the icon for the playlist.