California Highway 1 Pacific Coast Highway, relaxing Scenic Drive.

California highway 1, relaxing scenic drive 1. Westport California to Fort Bragg California. 1 of several videos coming, subscribe on our youtube for more if you want more. . Click on the link to go to the video, and relax!

Polaroid Cube camera highest bit rate setting

We quite often shoot video on our Polaroid Cube action camera.. This is some test footage after being able to get the camera settings to record at a higher bit rate setting (info in video description). The video also compares the wide angle lenses of our polaroid cube camera ad our SJCAM 4000 action camera, and you can use this to look at quality differances too with the settings at a comparable level.
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T Sisters at Little Lake Grange in Willits, California , Full Concert video,

Video we worked on of the T Sisters Concert held a while ago (our last volunteer job) at Little Lake Grange, in Willits, California