Thanksgiving month fund raiser for friends in need

This month of thanksgiving distant friends of ours have been blessed with new life in their home.  Money is tight where they are and work is hard to find, so we decided to do a small fund raiser for them to help out in their time of need.

Money is tight most places, as they are here with us, but when we found out that $5 (less than the price of a drive thru coffee) is about a days wages and $25 is about a months rent,  Andy sacrificed a couple of lunches out for one week.  And we will give more soon once due payments from contracts come in.

We hope in this time of need, in this month of giving, other good people will decide to give a little too and help others in need, even though they may be in need themselves, considering the pay scale difference between us in the US, and our friends in Romania it is easy to send a little help.  It is small acts of kindness that we do monthly, and not just in this month of Thanksgiving that help those in need.  Thank you to anyone who can make a donation however small and send some love to our friends in Romania