Vegan Thanksgiving recipes in cooking video with Maddy

In this month of the Spirit of Giving, we had produced this Vegan Thanksgiving video several years ago for FREE for a local chef, who had no funds to pay for a video production. This was a gift given as free work (around 15 hours, one of our many volunteer jobs to enhance our community and our world beyond) to do the good of spreading the information. If you like and enjoy the recipes Chef Maddy Gives in this video, please consider giving to our friends in need fund raiser below. Spreading that gift of giving. Andy


Vegan food, Thanksgiving

Plenty of time to plan now for those that wish to have a Vegan Thanksgiving, Chef Maddy Avena shows us how in this video from our production archive,

free to watch on our youtube.

Also on our channel we have Gluten free Holiday treats by Chef Maddy, and “Main Dish salads” archive upload coming soon



Gluten free Holiday Sweets and treats, we will repost near time, just adding because ,well we talked about it