A Snippet Behind The Scenes

AT WCTV Willits Local cable access tv station, with us, helping Cameron MacDonald film his music video “The Winner’s The One” from his album “Self Made Soul”

Green screen filmed on the Willits Tv Stations, 20 feet green screen and edited by Cameron himself on Final Cut Pro x at the studio facility.




Who Wrote the Shakespeare Canon?

William J. Ray Explains in this video why he believes Edward de Vere, The 17th Earl of Oxford, wrote the Works of William Shakespeare.

This is a second video on this subject we worked on for William Ray.   The first part will be uploading soon after some video edits.  This is a shorter piece concentrating on the frontispiece in the first folio.  The first video is longer and a full presentation given by Mike A’Dair and William J Ray, at the Willits Library, Willits California in 2006.

Secret Evidence on Who Wrote The Shakespeare Canon.


Emergency Preparedness

Video on Emergency Preparedness we worked on for Avenues to Wellness that they organized with CERT Master Trainer Mike Carter, after our recent Mendocino County Disastrous fires.

Click to watch on   https://youtu.be/hYJaUDUdzNA

Peace day Concert Willits, CA

International peace day concert at Willits High School we worked on earlier in the year.




Gluten Free Holiday/Christmas Treats.

For those with Gluten issues you can still have sweet treats this holiday season.