95490 Town Hall Meeting, Immigration, March 19th 2017

95490 Town Hall Meeting, Immigration, March 19th 2017.

Town hall meeting we produced for the 95490, Willits, California Town Hall group, on Immigration.  Meeting was held in Willits, Mendocino County California.



1st “Zombie Hooker” scenes shot

This weekend, Feb 20th we shot the first zombie scenes, from our Undead Zombie Hookers film.  Still lots more to come.  We got some free in movie jokes in on the bargain that we didn’t plan, adding to the multitude of in movie jokes (easter eggs) in there already.

We are getting ready for shooting some of our scenes with the leads in march, plan it change it fix it shoot it.

Above Kevin Klay gets started on Chelsea’s make up for the film.
Still by Pistachio Films LLC.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work on the day, great zombie make up some great scenes shot, hope everyone got a sandwich!