1st Undead Zombie Hookers Teaser

Undead Zombie Hookers BlueBalls Teaser. for lead up to Planned Summer 2018 release.
Adults only!




Ok Shamlessley riding on the coattails of #wonderwoman  and #girlpower surge.  EVEN THOUGH we were doing it 7 years ago!  A link to a playlist of videos we worked on for mendocino county roller derby (mendo mayhem) and undead bettys antioch roller derby in 2010/2011.  At top left of the video is  the icon for the playlist.




Our Competition Entry

We did not qualify for the top 25 in the Imagine Dragons Believer music video, Adobe make the cut competition, but this is our non qualifying entry:-

Congratulations to all the qualifying videos, good Luck!

El Zaffa by Matthew Montfort, Ancient Future

Video we filmed of an awesome performance at Little Lake Grange, Willits, CA. Using camera equipment from Willits Community Television Inc.

El Zaffa by Matthew Montfort, Ancient Future, Matthew Montfort & Vishal Nagar.



Our Short film “The Ashtray” Digitally Remastered

The first of our short films to be finished in the “Digital Remastering” process.

Many of our shorts were shot on 8mm analogue tape, and captured at mpeg compressed format and smaller screen size, for editing on a PC that had 9gb of hard drive space back in 2000-2003. all are recaptured and being “digitally remastered” at full screen size and uncompressed avi captures.

Ohh to have had half of the terrabyates we have available now, 15 years ago!