T Sisters at Little Lake Grange in Willits, California , Full Concert video,

Video we worked on of the T Sisters Concert held a while ago (our last volunteer job) at Little Lake Grange, in Willits, California  https://youtu.be/Le-t5nS2lVg

Slow relaxing car drive on Winding Road Willits California to Fort Bragg California

if the fast version is too much, take the slow relaxing journey from Willits California to Fort Bragg California in real time with classical music accompanying this windy road journey.     https://youtu.be/XclHrBOpjp4

We personally do not find the journey relaxing in real life, we have to pull over every time, but on video it might not be as bad with no actual gravity pull.  Classica music includes Bach French Suite, Mozart Piano Concerto #15, and Tchaikovsky Symphony #6 third movement.


Willits to Fort Bragg in 9 minutes, warning nausea inducing

Take ten minutes take this trip with different music and speeded up footage, though i think this makes the trip way worse.  https://youtu.be/-w62vRiJnFU