WOW! Madden’s The Forbidden Room

We just watched this last night, and in the words of myself it was fucking brilliant!

If you do not like your films, made by Hollywood, for and pandered to 14 year olds who twit on their iphone all the way through the movie, and actually want a film maker to take you on a journey, then this is a journey!
Seemingly unrelated short stories woven together or not depending on how you see it, lol. Looks like old worn out film saved from being burned up in the projector (run Toto Run, no not that Toto!).   Funny bits throughout, strange and weird surrealistic (or not) masterpiece.  For me reminiscences of Dali & Bunuel’s Un Chien Andalou, are brought to mind, mostly through the music scratching through the soundtrack, intentional or not, irrelevant.  A film journey if ever there was one.  And well you know the problem with journeys right?  For some it’s all about the destination, and not about the journey.  So on a film journey as with an actual journey, take it and you’ll like it, or you won’t. But again we and by that I mean me, thinks (i know, right?) its bloody brilliant!

Giovanni Pistachio.  5/29/2015.