Bite Me!

BITE ME! by Brett Piper, is one the best and funniest bug/monster movies EVER MADE ( and not just one of the funniest b-movies or funniest skinemax style movies, actually one of the funniest movies ever!!!!,)
Truly funny, not funny because of campiness or mistakes, actually pulled it off 100% intentional laugh riot, we had to pause the movie several times to stop laughing.
Erika Smith, dance strip scene is hilarious., Misty Mundae as Rambo is funny as hell, DEA  guy and Bug guy are hilarious.
Starring Misty Mundae, Julian Wells, Erika Smith, Caitlin Ross, Rob Monkiewicz and John Paul Fedele

goes right to the top of our list for the best factory2000/Alternativecinema movies, well out of the 40 or so we have seen so far. #biteme #mistymundae #julianwells #erikasmith #brettpiper

Shakespeare Authorship.

And the first video we did on the debate in 2006  Romulus & Juliet, anyone anyone anyone?  Video is indexed in the description on youtube and you can easily jump to a section on interest.

Relax Now

Short 15 minute relaxation/meditation video we did near a local river, natural scenery and river water running sound only.  paced and compiled to fit in on a lunch break for those with stress at work.