Vday is around the corner

Break the chain, 1 billion rise ! Vday coming up again soon! our one in willits ca, from our archive.



Shakespeare Identified Lecture, from our archive

From our archive, Shakespeare Identified Lecture held in 2006 by Mike A’Dair and William J. Ray on the authorship of the Shakespeare works.

Specific segments of the talk can be clicked on in timecode sections in the video description:-



Belly Dancing in Willits California

Archive video upload from some of the footage we filmed at Willits, California 2012 Kinetic Carnivale,  Middle eastern dance music and belly dancers Diana and Kitty.

Previously only broadcast on Willits Community television, first time online.


Our version of the Imagine Dragons Believer Music Video

Edited for the Adobe make the cut competition in 2017..

Edited in Premiere Pro as required for entry, it was the first time we had used premiere pro, and we manually cut the music video after footage review on the project, without using the Premiere Pro multi cam synching/editing function. (edited in 4 or 5 hours, we had limited time to take off another editing job, and needed to test run the program for editing of our feature film that we were going to be doing in Premiere Pro, when for the last 8 years we had been editing in premiere elements)

We like our version, we did not use After Effects on the video, as many of the competition entry’s did, as it was a Premiere Pro editing competition, so we just used Premiere Pro.


A Snippet Behind The Scenes

AT WCTV Willits Local cable access tv station, with us, helping Cameron MacDonald film his music video “The Winner’s The One” from his album “Self Made Soul”

Green screen filmed on the Willits Tv Stations, 20 feet green screen and edited by Cameron himself on Final Cut Pro x at the studio facility.



Archive Upload, Mendo County Roller Derby v The Undead Bettys. Girl power

Another of our archive video productions that was previously only shown on Willits Community Television, and not uploaded.

This is the full event Womens flat track roller derby bout between Mendo Mayhem and The Undead Bettys.
Points of the video are indexed in the video description on youtube for ease of access to sections.  The Intro to Mendo Mayhem, Intro to Undead Bettys, are already online as shorter videos, so click the index numbers in the description to jump to the bout start if you wish.  #Girlpower




Video edited originally on Roxio Creator Pro Videowave 10.  And Master finalized ion Adobe Premiere Elements 10.  Filmed on Sony VX2000 Mini DV camera’s in 2010.

Vegan Thanksgiving recipes in cooking video with Maddy

In this month of the Spirit of Giving, we had produced this Vegan Thanksgiving video several years ago for FREE for a local chef, who had no funds to pay for a video production. This was a gift given as free work (around 15 hours, one of our many volunteer jobs to enhance our community and our world beyond) to do the good of spreading the information. If you like and enjoy the recipes Chef Maddy Gives in this video, please consider giving to our friends in need fund raiser below. Spreading that gift of giving. Andy



Thanksgiving month fund raiser for friends in need

This month of thanksgiving distant friends of ours have been blessed with new life in their home.  Money is tight where they are and work is hard to find, so we decided to do a small fund raiser for them to help out in their time of need.

Money is tight most places, as they are here with us, but when we found out that $5 (less than the price of a drive thru coffee) is about a days wages and $25 is about a months rent,  Andy sacrificed a couple of lunches out for one week.  And we will give more soon once due payments from contracts come in.

We hope in this time of need, in this month of giving, other good people will decide to give a little too and help others in need, even though they may be in need themselves, considering the pay scale difference between us in the US, and our friends in Romania it is easy to send a little help.  It is small acts of kindness that we do monthly, and not just in this month of Thanksgiving that help those in need.  Thank you to anyone who can make a donation however small and send some love to our friends in Romania



Haunted Halloween Incident 1, Short Film

Short film premiere last night, this is NOT UZH, this is something we banged out in one afternoon. hit that bell notification, and well… happy Halloween! maybe.