Free for you to use in your Videos/Films VHS VCR Glitch overlay effects.

We created some VCR-VHS glitch remote/button press result/effects for our upcoming feature film (UZH) to be released in 2020 .  Click the link below to get 5 free for you to use, royalty free  VHS/VCR Glitch/Overlay Effects.  Click the link below to download the HD VCR/VHS effects,  and subscribe for more if you want more, we have been give 6 tapes of sound effects that we are working through to upload in free sound effects packages too.

The Royalty free Effects were not created in Adobe After Effects but recorded into an up scaler and HD recorder straight from our VCR.  Overlay over your footage, and if your project is HD resize if needed for 1920 by 1080, or downsize if you need SD 720 by 480.  The footage is 1280 720, and looks fine scaled up on a 1920 by 1080 project we did that in Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Premiere Pro.   and The Blue can be Chroma keyed out to just leave the text over your video as an overlay or cut it right into your project with the blue intact.