Our version of the Imagine Dragons Believer Music Video

Edited for the Adobe make the cut competition in 2017..

Edited in Premiere Pro as required for entry, it was the first time we had used premiere pro, and we manually cut the music video after footage review on the project, without using the Premiere Pro multi cam synching/editing function. (edited in 4 or 5 hours, we had limited time to take off another editing job, and needed to test run the program for editing of our feature film that we were going to be doing in Premiere Pro, when for the last 8 years we had been editing in premiere elements)

We like our version, we did not use After Effects on the video, as many of the competition entry’s did, as it was a Premiere Pro editing competition, so we just used Premiere Pro.


A Snippet Behind The Scenes

AT WCTV Willits Local cable access tv station, with us, helping Cameron MacDonald film his music video “The Winner’s The One” from his album “Self Made Soul”

Green screen filmed on the Willits Tv Stations, 20 feet green screen and edited by Cameron himself on Final Cut Pro x at the studio facility.