Sex The Annabel Chong Story 1999
Director: Gough Lewis
Cast: Annabel Chong, Ron “the dong” Jeremy
251 dicks

A documentary of the porn star Annabel Chong, who in 1995 succeeded in beating the world gang bang record, by having sex with 251 men in 10 hours. The cameras follow Annabel Chong (real name Grace Quek) to find out more about her and her motives for performing such a feat. Interviews with porn filmmakers some idiotic, some sleazy, some normal, but most just greedy to pick on the body of Annabel Chong.

Opening with scenes from the ever-pathetic Jerry Springer show with a bamboozled, good at acting astounded, audience, and a clueless host. To even further degradation of appearing on the UK’s “Girlie Show”. The Girlie Show as always trying to be outrageous and controversial had Annabel on as a guest. But they proceed to pussy (pun definitely intended!) foot around the subject in an oh so British way, of just what it was Annabel did. The host repeatedly asks about the why’s and where fore’s of Annabel, get this, “Sleeping with 251 men”. Now how outrageous is that? When I do not think that one seconds sleep was had during those ten hours. But what did happen, as Girlie Show viewers may not be aware, was that 251 men fucked Annabel numb.

Why did Annabel participate in such an extreme level of masochism and self-abasement? No body but Annabel herself seems to know. She does explain at one point that she is a masochist, and I am sure this could be further verified by the hundreds of Internet sites containing information on Annabel. Did she just want to be famous quickly and stickily? Or was it for the money? Well as is explained she never received one single dollar for doing this or being filmed during it. She said that at one point a lot of the people that she knew were hounding her telling her to fight for the $10,000 she was due from the producer and person who helped arrange this fuck fest. But Annabel turned around and said she did not want the money anymore.

If she had taken the money Annabel would have been easy to classify for all these people who need to put her in to a category. If she had taken the money, they can say she is a paid porn star, or if they wish they can classify her as a whore. But without any financial gain from this endeavor, they have to deal with the difficult realization that she may have actually enjoyed all of it. And for some that is too difficult a question to contemplate. Acceptance of this may force them to adjust their views or their perception of the world around them, and the people in it, or worse yet their own lives.

Annabel worries a little too late about what her conservative Chinese mother would say. And quite rightly after the amount of embarrassment of people telling  Quek about what Annabel did, and the loss of face caused, she cast’s Annabel out of her house. What parent with any moral sense would not do likewise?
So for what purpose? It seems the pleasure, the pain and the fame is all the reason there is! If so then fine, but you cannot have all these things after such an act, and then have the selfish ignorance to think that your conservative Chinese family would not reject you for it.

I do not condemn Annabel for participating in this massive gang bang. But after her years of college and obvious intelligence, I just do not understand why. What I do understand is, coming from her background and choosing to do this, she should not have expected her mother, to not be outraged. This would be a difficult obstacle to overcome for a liberal western family, never mind a conservative Chinese one.
I do not know if there is a full ten-hour video of this out there. But am sure if there is, your level masochism and your boredom threshold must be as high as Annabel’s if you were to watch it in its entirety.

Review By Giovanni Pistachio. Giovanni can be contacted at: –

© Owned Giovanni Pistachio.


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